Yucatan Dive Trek

17 mars 13:15-14:00
Stora Salen • S1

Längd: 45 minuter
Föreläsare: Javier Salas

Has some of the world’s best and most diverse diving and big animal encounters in very close proximity. Each and every one of these attractions is worth traveling half-way around the world for, therefore, being able to experience many of them in a single trip make this an extraordinary experience that ranks high amongst the best a diving and nature lover can have

Yucatan Dive Trek and Scuba Travel

Om Javier Salas
Javier is originally from Mexico City; however despite lacking easy acess to the ocean diving and the ocean is something he has been passionate about from a very young age, taking a 60-hour certification course at age 10, actively diving and furthering his dive training since then.