18 mars 12:45-13:30
Biosalongen • K9

Längd: 45 minuter
Föreläsare: Pim van Schendel

The incredible biodiversity in North Sulawesi makes it one of the best and most interesting dive destinations in the world, he says. He describes North Sulawesi an perfect place to live and spend holidays. From beautiful wall dives full of turtles, to colorful pinnacle swarming with fish and black sand muck diving, all in a very small area which makes it all very special. Pim lives in Manado with his wife Manadonese and 2 young children, Noah 7 years old and Leia, 2 years old. 
Pim is invited to Dykmässan and Stockholm by Diving Travel Network to keep presentations about Diving in North Sulawesi and Murex Resort.

Pim van Schendel is Dive Operations / Marketing Manager for Murex Dive Resorts in North Sulawesi. He have been working in the dive industry since 2005 and have been diving, living and working in Manado for last10 years.