7. We Bring The Red Sea Nearer To You
Diving Travel Network. Monter A9


Föreläsning på Engelska
Längd: 25 minuter

Föreläsare: Corosh Toshhang

Datum: Lördagen 18 mars
Tid: 15:30-15:55
Lokal: Auditorium K9

Seminar in English
Time: 25 minutes
Lecturer:Corosh Toshhang

Date: Saturday March 18
Time: 15:30-15:55
Room Auditorium K9

Föreläsare: Diving Travel Network- Blue Ocean-Abu Dabbab, Egypt
Föreläsare: Corosh Toshang - Mohamed Elfeky
Rubrik:  We Bring The Red Sea Nearer To You

The Red Sea has a lot of underwater gems in store for you. And that is where Blue Ocean is stepping in to show you the wonderful Red Sea flora and fauna with its dolphins, sharks, turtles and dugongs. Here they all live in peace and harmony in a rich decor of hard and soft corals in every hue and shade of the rainbow. We guide you to the finest spots in the Red Sea. Blue Ocean's fleet is reaching out to the top prime offshore scuba diving and snorkeling destinations in the Red Sea. Our scheduled daily boat trips and overnights are operated from Sahl Hasheesh, Port Ghaleb, Marsa Alam and Hamata marina in the south of the Red Sea.