Roni Ben-Aharon 
Diving the Center of Marine Biodiversity - The Philippines
Värd: #B10 Scuba Travel

Föreläsning på Engelska
Längd: 45 minuter
Roni Ben-Aharon

Datum: Lördag 19 mars
Tid: 14:45-15:30
Lokal:  K34

Seminar in English
Time: 45 minutes
Roni Ben-Aharon

Date: Saturday March 19 
Time: Tid: 14:45-15:30
Room: K34

Roni Ben-Ahron från Atlantis Philippines Dive Resorts & Liveaboards

Title of the seminar? Diving the Center of Marine Biodiversity - The Philippines 
A short summary of what you will talk about at the seminar? Comprised of over 7000 islands, and situated in the heart of the Coral Triangle, the Philippines is home to the world's greatest marine biodiversity, from microscopic critters, to massive whale sharks, we have it all! Join us on a dream journey to diving the Philippines with Atlantis Dive Resorts and Liveaboards. 

Roni Ben-Aharon 
has spent the last decade holding management and marketing roles in the dive. Marrying industry knowledge with her strong passion for conservation, Roni actively promotes sustainable dive tourism while raising awareness for marine conservation. She currently heads sales in Asia and Europe at Atlantis Dive Resorts Philippines.