August 22-23 2020 in Gothenburg.
Swedish Dive Show is a gathering place for, freedivers, scuba divers and sport divers - and anyone who likes to be in, and under, water.
Diving trips are a big part of the range at the show. 
On Swedish Dive Show, general agents and stores will display most of their merchandise. We're also going to hold a photo contest, for both still photography and video. 
We have a popular children's corner to amuse the little ones. We're going to have workshops throughout the day, and a large diving tank that shows UV polo. In the diving tank visitors will be able to test dive. There will be skilled instructors can show you how a diver uses sign language. 
At the Swedish Dive Show, there will be clubs, museums, institutions, associations, historians, and many others. Photos and videos will be displayed.

The diving pool

Contact: Tommy Jarnbrink
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